Hi! Welcome to Pretty Lashes, an Eye Lash Extension Salon.

Every woman wants to leave the house to pursue her day’s endeavors looking her very best . As we know, this can sometimes require more time and motivation than we have. And unfortunately, the truth is that when we don’t look good… we don’t feel good.  Not to worry ladies, Beautiful EyeLash Extensions can save the day, EVERYtime! Giving women this confidence is what makes our job at Pretty Lashes so fulfilling.

Women LOVE Eye Lash Extensions because they instill the confidence that comes from knowing when they look in the mirror, they will LOVE what they see, and others will too! With eyelash extensions, you always look put together with little to no effort.

Whether you want a conservative enhancement or a lot of POP, Pretty Lashes is dedicated to customizing that confidence, EVERY time.