A Full Set of eyelash extensions typically requires approximately 2 to 2.5 hours. First, a consultation will be done to determine your customization based on your wishes and your stylist’s recommendation. The stylist will tape down your bottom lashes so that they do not interfere with the top. Your lashes are then cleaned and primed for the application.

The stylist, using a tweezer in each hand, will delicately isolate one natural lash, pick up the extension and dip it into a very small amount of adhesive and strategically bond it to one natural lash just above the skin so as to not touch the skin with the adhesive. The stylist will attempt to get every one of your lashes in the set amount of time for the service.

We shed our lashes just as we shed our hair. Clients can expect to loose about 2 to 3 lashes per day. Clients typically return for a Touch Up every 2 to 3 weeks. Touch Ups require one hour of service. During a Touch Up, lashes are first cleaned up by removing any extensions that are crooked or have grown out. New extensions are placed on the new natural lashes that have grown in or that have lost its extension. If you return with at least 50% of your extensions left, you are restored to a Full Set.

Clients may also opt for a Step Up Service which allots an additional 30 minutes to their Touch Up for a total service time of 1.5 hours. A Step Up is recommended (but is optional) when a client has lost more than 75% of their lashes in order to restore a Full Set. Clients who return after the 3-week mark usually opt for a Step Up.

Bottom lashes are a smashing hit for those who want all the glam! They are also the perfect compliment to upper lashes for a photo shoot or a special event. It must be understood however that the application is a little more invasive due to the fact that the eye must be slightly open in order to apply them. Some clients will experience higher than normal sensitivity to the fumes from the adhesive. Also, bottom lashes do not typically last as long as top lashes because they are constantly touching the skin and in contact with oils from the skin.

Removing Eye Lash Extensions should only be done by your stylist. Removing them yourself will result in damaging your natural lashes and it will be painful. Removal requires approximately 30 minutes and is done with a gel which breaks down the adhesive.

Take great care of your lashes. The more extensions that you have left at the time of your Touch Up, the fuller your extensions will be after your Touch Up. You can not prevent shedding but you can avoid “unnecessary” shedding by doing the following:

  1. Do not pull or rub the eyes or lashes.
  2. Go around your lashes when washing your face. However, always use a makeup square or a Q-tip to clean your lids of oils and make-up.
  3. Try not to use mascara, it coats the extensions and the natural lashes preventing a good bond when you get your touch up. Mascara should be removed prior to your service. Attempting to remove mascara causes additional shedding. If you come to your Touch Up service with mascara, your stylist will have to spend valuable time removing mascara instead of laying lashes.
  4. Always avoid any oil-based products on the lashes. Remember to use oil free make-up remover for eye shadows and liner. Make-up should be removed nightly to prevent it from migrating down into your lashes and causing build-up and oil. The build up and oil will cause your lashes to shed more.
  5. Avoid getting sweat, tears and salt water on your lashes whenever possible.
  6. Brush your lashes daily. If you loose one or two during brushing, those one or two were already loose and ready to fall. Brushing helps to clean the lashes and makes them look neater.
  7. If you discover that you have lost more lashes than normal, inform your stylist as soon as possible prior to your appointment if you would like to schedule a Step-Up instead of a regular Touch-Up. This will give you an extra 30 minutes ($25 additional) in order to get your lashes fuller. This is optional, you can always opt for a regular Touch Up. Upgrading your service after it has been made is contingent upon the stylist’s schedule availability.

Unlike individuals or clusters, the art of Eye Lash Extensions involves skillfully bonding 1 single extension to 1 single natural eyelash with a surgical grade adhesive. We call this unique application a “one-to-one” ratio. The result is a very natural looking and customized lash line free of any evidence of glue. Each lash is separated from the next, therefore there is no fusing of lashes creating that thick, cardboard clumpy look. When applied correctly, eyelash extensions look as though you grew them yourself!